When will you be launching Deneb?

We currently have our first batch of inventory, which you can buy online now!

Is the insulation really hypoallergenic?

yes, it is! llama fibers do not have lanolin, which is what makes people who are allergic to sheep’s wool itchy.

How does it have a 50 degree comfort range?

llama fibers are hollow, similar to a straw. they are much larger fibers than other wool, which means that in warm temperatures it traps more air in its hollowness, and in cold temperatures acts wicks moisture away.

Where do you source all of your materials?

llama fleece: llama fiber cooperative of north america (based in jefferson, or and warrens, wi)

llama insulation manufacturing: sauget, illinois

waxed cotton body fabric: Dundee, Scotland

apparel manufacturing: Riverwoods, Illinois

Why are you sourcing your llama fleece from North America, not south america?

in north america we know the president of the llama fiber co-op, and can also transparently show where our fleece comes from. south america is a different story with corrupt middlemen and distributors. we do not feel confident in giving you a socially just product from south america at this time. with your help and support, we can in the future build out our own south american llama supply chain that doesn’t rob llama farmers of their income.

Any other questions?

feel free to reach out to us at denebapparel@gmail.com